If you receive any spontaneous phone call or email from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and they need to fix your computer, it is a scam. I have been receiving reports from some customers that they are receiving these hoax phone calls. The caller will usually say your computer has been hacked or they have noticed they have a number of viruses on your computer. They try to talk you into letting them take control of your computer by a remote support connection so they can fix it or investigate the hackers. After they have logged into your computer they may install some programs and claim to be analyzing the security of your computer. After they try to install software, “fixes”, or service subscriptions they ask you to pay them with your credit card.

Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to fix your computer. If you receive an unsolicited email message or phone call that purports to be from Microsoft and requests that you send personal information or click links, delete the message or hang up the phone immediately.