Most email problems can be resolved in less than 1 hour

If you are having issues opening Outlook, configuring a account, or sending/receiving email then thats were we can help. If your mailbox increases in size it can potentially become corrupted and prevent Outlook from opening at all. Viruses can also cause Outlook to miss-behave and cause it to do stuff you cannot understand.

These are the most common issues that we can resolve for you.

Moving Existing Email Accounts To A New PC

If you have purchased a new computer, don’t forget that your old email may need to be transferred. We can help you transfer the emails, calendar, contacts, and all your settings too.

Email Settings and Ports

All email service providers have different settings. There are servers, ports, communication options, and protocols that all need to be set correctly. We have a list of the common email providers and settings to get you setup the right way.

Web Based Email

Can you check your email when your away from your computer? wether you are at a friends house, work, or on your mobile phone. We can setup your email so that it can be accessed from multiple locations. Give us a call, we’ll get you setup in no time at all.


How Can We Help?

Most email problems can be resolved in less than 1 hour. Why would you dismantle your computer and bring it to a shop and be out of touch for days? As with every call we take, we will try to provide a quick and effective resolution.